Johanna Lasner is committed to creating meaningful art experiences that build community. During her recent role as the Assistant Director for Casey Droege Cultural Productions, CDCP, Lasner played a key role in the organization's involvement within the Pittsburgh arts community. She became an integral part in making CDCP's keystone programs come to fruition every year by organizing and planning events, coordinating participants, managing a social media presence, networking with collaborators and partners, and documenting the entire process. With her background in photography, Lasner served as the primary documentarian for these temporal projects. Her photography work during the organization's events helps CDCP build frameworks for their projects and analyze the social implications of their keystone programs.


6 Artists + 1 Chef + You

SIX x ATE invites the public to enjoy five-minute presentations from six artists and a meal from one or several cuisiniers. All of the work presented or performed responds to the theme of the night. There are no formal Q & A’s or long-winded introductions, so guests spend most of the evening talking informally while eating and drinking. This relaxed environment encourages real connections, spurring future collaborations and forging new friendships.